Accra is the cultural hub of Ghana

in Accra

Accra is the most important and capital city of Ghana. This city was founded by Ga people in late 1400 century. Accra world is derived from Nkran which means the aunts. Huge heaps of hills of aunts can be found at the suburbs of Accra. Accra is divided in two major parts broadly the main Accra district and the metropolis. Accra is located at the western side of Africa and situated along the shore of Atlantic Ocean. Accra has many attractions and monuments to amuse the tourists. Among them National Museum of Ghana, the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Archives of Ghana, and Ghana's central library are the most famous ones. People round the globe book their cheap flights to Accra to see these attractions.


The first ever flights to Accra were operated by Delta Airlines from Atlanta a state of United States of America at reached at the Kokota Airport of Accra. Is full of natural beauties along with amazing and stunning monuments of heritage. With the advent of this mega event of FIFA world cup the momentum and the graph of tourists and aptitude of tourists to explore this region will definitely increase. That is the reason that most of the travelers taking and booking their flights to Accra and Lands at the famous Airport of Tambo International Airport formerly known as the Johannesburg International Airport.

There are many Airlines which are operating their cheap flights to Accra. Cheap deals and packages can also be by contacting any tour operator or travel agents. Many flights to Accra including Arik Air is also offering its cheap flights to Accra. Arik Air line is the best Air line of Africa and stands at the leading Airlines of the world. This Air line started its operations in 2007. It was domestic Airline of Nigeria and now it expands its operations to world's famous destinations. Arik Air starts its first International flight o Landon in 2008. Now the administration has taken drastic and bold steps to improve the standard and services of this Airline. That is the reason that a sum of 6.1 Billion dollars has spent to by new Aircrafts. Go to Accra by cheap flights to Accra through Arik Air and feel the difference of hospitality and services.

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Book your cheap flights to Accra from London and enjoy beauties of Accra. Flights to Accra are operating throughout the world. Arik Air is offering cheap flights to Accra. Arik Air is the best service provider of customers in Africa.

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Accra is the cultural hub of Ghana

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This article was published on 2011/05/07