Accra is backbone of Ghana’s economy.

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Africa is best tourist’s destination of the world to have tour. Africa is a continent with matchless conurbations and endless beauties. All the splendid beauties of Africa are placed in different conurbations. Most famous and regularly visited conurbations by the tourists of the world placed in Africa include Lagos, Accra, Harare, Cairo and many others. Accra is famous conurbation of Africa. Accra is capital city of Ghana and important city which generates revenues to boost the economy of its country.


Government of Ghana is mostly depends upon Accra for more and more revenue generations. Accra is holding very firm and solid position in the entire West African region. Accra is generating revenues for its country in several ways. Accra is having the main port; rather this city was actually built around the port in 15th century. All the trading of Ghana and of its major neighbouring countries is done through this port. This is one way of generating revenues of its country. Ghana is one of the major oil producing country of the world and Africa. Its major oil and petroleum products which are major exports of revenue generating as well are manufactured at Accra. Accra is getting hold on more than 70% of the manufacturing of Ghana. Thirdly through tourism Accra is generating lots of revenues for its country. Thus it has been proved that Accra is backbone of Ghana’s economy.


Main tourists attractions located at Accra including mind blowing and fabulous beaches include The buildings of Christianborg or Osu Castle are built by the Daves are built in 17th century, Golden Jublee house, The New Residence and office of the President of Ghana, Accra centre for National Culture, The Ohene Djan Stadium, The Independence Square, The Parliament of Ghana, The Ghana India Kofi Annan centre of Excellence in ICT. And many other places of people’s interest are located at Accra. Book your cheap flights to Accra through Arik Air and enjoy your time at Accra.


Apart from these attractions stunning and fabulous beaches located at Accra include Ada beach, La pleasure Labadie beach, Kakrobite beach, Coco beach, Bojo beach and Elmina beach. Visitors book their flights to Accra from London and other parts of the world to have fun and enjoyment. No matter what is purpose of your visit to Accra? All your needs and requirements will be very much taken care of with great zeal of hospitality. Visit Accra by booking your seats in flights to Accra by Royal Air Maroc and enjoy your time among the fantastic beauties.


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Accra is fabulous city of ghana to have tour. Visitors book their seats in flights to Accra from London and other areas to enjoy their holidays. Cheap flights to Accra with Arik Air and flights to Accra by Royal Air Maroc are the best options to visit Accra.

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Accra is backbone of Ghana’s economy.

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Accra is backbone of Ghana’s economy.

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